T.Gargour & Fils Co.

Inland Transportation

Gargour Shipping provides efficient inland transportation services to all neighbouring countries for commercial and governmental clients. Services include but are not limited to providing all types of flatbeds, lowbeds, car carriers, reefers and heavy lifts.

Gargour Shipping provides transportation through all surrounding transportation corridors and routes and can extend its services to regions beyond its geographic scope. Our trucking services covers all Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish and Kuwaiti routes as well as our ability to serve our clients in the Gulf Area, Egypt and Libya through our efficient service network.

Gargour Shipping also specializes in large scale commercial and military transportation contracts with over 300 security cleared truck drivers available to choose from, experienced representatives at all border crossings, mobile maintenance teams for large convoys.

Gargour Shipping is proud to have executed one of the largest retrograde unit movements for the U.S. Military under the U.S. - Jordan Transit Agreement that required 491 trucks of various types.