T.Gargour & Fils Co.

Maritime Security Services

Gargour Shipping offers an Exclusive service for companies involved in maritime security services through its unique arrangement at the port of Aqaba being the only authorized company that is allowed to perform embarking and disembarking operations for marine security teams along with their weapons and security equipment. 

Gargour Shipping uses dedicated authorized warehouses to store such equipment under the direct supervision of the authorities in Aqaba.

Services we provide:

  - Embarkation of Security Teams

  Disembarkation of Security Teams

  Short & Long Term Accommodation Services for Security Teams

  Transportation Services

  Visa Processing and Documentation

  Catering Services for Security Teams

  Weapon & Security Equipment handling for vessels at anchor

  Weapon & Security Equipment handling for vessels at berth

  Weapon & Security Equipment handling for vessels at the airport

  Weapon & Security Equipment transportation to / From airport ans sea port

  Storage for Weapons & security Equipment

For more information on our maritime security services and rates, please contact us immediately at info@tgf.com.jo.