T.Gargour & Fils Co.

Company Profile

Tawfiq Gargour & Fils (TGF) was established in 1928 in Jaffa, Palestine by the late Tawfiq Gargour joined later by his four sons: Nicolas , Habib , John and Allenby.

In the early beginnings, TGF concentrated on trading activities and started trading in oranges. TGF also traded with the largest companies, such as Salzgitter, and in steel, foodstuffs and other products. In 1936, TGF got in touch with Mercedes-Benz in Germany and brought a few cars in return for some shiploads of oranges and this started the relations with Mercedes.

Over the years TGF has grown into a multi-million dollar business. By the 1960s, TGF had shipping and trading companies in over 15 countries in the Middle East and Europe , and as far as Canada.

Gargour Shipping Company takes pride in the fact that it was the agent for the first vessel to call Aqaba Port in 1953. Gargour Shipping also owned their own ships under the name of “Associated Levant Lines “ with 12 ships specialized in reefer cargo , and running regularly from the early “60s” until the late 1990s , from Europe to the Levant.

Today Gargour Shipping is a leader in the shipping agency and logistics services in the region through its modern network of offices operating in Amman, Aqaba, Beirut and Bethlehem. In addition to shipping and logistics, TGF are the agents for the high-end-automotive business, representing Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands as well as Foton, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and the prestigious Maserati in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. In addition to the above mentioned brands, TGF also represents automotive lubricants such as Fuchs, elf and Cepsa oil, as well as Michelin tires.